tiaas logo depicting people in queues is proud to provide Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) for the Galaxy training community. You provide the training, we provide the infrastructure at no cost.

Why TIaaS?

tiaas queue visualizer
TIaaS queue visualizer

How TIaaS Works

We have several "pools" of resources attached to that run user jobs. For trainings we attach a new pool of resources that is specially labelled for that training. When normal users run tools on our server, these jobs are instructed to avoid the training pools by default.

When users join a training, using a special URL we provide you, they then are placed in a special training group. Their jobs will then preferentially run the jobs on a training machine, and, in the event there is no more capacity, they will run on the main queue. If a spot on the training specific resources opens up first, they will run there rather than continuing to wait in the main queue.


We have significant capacity and have dedicated some of this to providing training using our service. Anyone providing training on using Galaxy is eligible to request the use of this service.

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Check out our new Statistics Page and Training Calendar.

Service Level Agreement

We cannot promise any degree of uptime. We will do our best to have this service online and functioning during the entire time period but there are cases where the service may experience interruptions that are outside of our control. We will keep you informed of any outages that may affect your training.

Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) licensed under the AGPLv3, running commit f2257f0fa8bbea530c729e6bd9d23084d1aaafa2